Jennifer Clair is a Couture house based in London, which creates bespoke evening, tailoring and bridal wear. Since 2019, we have established an exuberant language of femininity that transcends fashion to inspire strength and confidence in the women for whom she designs. The brand has established a list of loyal clients, consisting of private couture collectors, royalty and celebrities.

Poetic, beautifully handcrafted, romantic and refined, Jennifer Clair’s world is an intriguing combination between elegance and innovation.

“Each design is created only once in the world, giving a uniquely special journey to each of our clients; highlighting the acquisition and love we have to the craft of couture” 

The Jennifer Clair atelier is driven by the skill of couture craftsmanship combined with traditional and exciting techniques, such as innovation and design which lead to creating one of a kind, bespoke garments for our clients. The brand’s mission is to champion the finest fabrics sourced from premium suppliers, one of a kind embroidery designs to elevate the garment to a status of high art, so that each client piece is truly unique. 

“Couture is created by artists and worn by art collectors, our gowns are beautifully handcrafted using traditional techniques that are passed down by generations.” 

Jennifer herself is a storyteller with an extraordinary fresh take on classic couture. Collections and bespoke client pieces are formed around a narrative, championing the audacious women for whom she designs for. Jennifer Clair is one of the most covetable brands of today.