A company cannot exist without its people. At Jennifer Clair we are a collective of creative and like-minded individuals, all united with the same beliefs and passions. Just as we support and inspire one another, we spread our love for couture to our clients and community, whilst endeavouring to show our support for a sustainable world.

Our values unite our team, guiding us to grow responsibly and fairly.


We pride ourselves on our fine craftsmanship, taking the decades of experience from our couturiers and sharing this knowledge with the hope that this delicate craft will continue forever with our younger generations.


Our love for the planet and our love for what we do, are the fundamental principles of the brand. We strive to spread love to our clients throughout their special journey with Jennifer Clair, highlighting our admiration to the beauty of couture.


Like any collectable art, our beautiful pieces are a unique creation for each valuable client. We take pride in our ‘Once in the world’ pieces, the artistry reflecting the personality of each woman.


We take our inspiration from the many beautiful women of the world, weaving their culture and personalities into our creations, giving thoughtful substance to every design.


Our foundation is the respect that we hold for our planet and people. With the use of organic silks and recycled materials we work harmoniously with our planet and with a focus on equality, diversity and fair working practices, we are ensuring the existence of couture continues sustainably.

If you would like to be a part of the Jennifer Clair team, please contact us for our current vacancies

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