Meet our Creative Director

Jennifer Clair

Jennifer Clair is of British heritage, born in North West of England, raised to believe that anything was achievable with dedication and resilience. Jennifer has always had a strong passion for designing and thus embarked on her creative path since a very young age.

After almost a decade working within the Haute Couture world and becoming well known for her inspirational designs, hard work, dedication and attention to detail, Jennifer launched her own brand using her vast knowledge of craftsmanship and irrefutable determination.

“Each design is created only once in the world, giving a uniquely special journey to each of our clients; highlighting the effort and love we have to the craft of couture.”

Throughout her career, Jennifer always knew she wanted to create gowns that convey a much stronger and important message than just fulfilling the need for a new piece. She connects on a much deeper level with her designs, championing the finest fabrics and embroidery. Attending to each detail and elevating all styles to the status of high art, for every unique client.

“Couture is created by artists and worn by art collectors, our gowns are beautifully handcrafted using techniques that are passed down by generations”

With her extraordinary fresh take on classic couture, Jennifer Clair is one of the most covetable brands of today.

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Couture is an art; beautiful details, immaculate craftsmanship and a story conveyed. Jennifer Clair offer high quality eco-conscious materials and exclusive embroideries, to create bespoke pieces of art to treasure for a lifetime.

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