Our Philosophy

Our mission is to create beautiful, hand crafted products. We focus on exceptional fabrics, impeccable details and the finest craftsmanship. At Jennifer Clair we promote equality and embrace differences. This resonates in our bespoke design process, which leads to a unique piece for every client. The work we do at Jennifer Clair is about creating lasting memories.


The fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined. Fashion is a major contributor to pollution and overproduction.

At Jennifer Clair, we recognise the need for change.

Our materials are sourced through trusted suppliers, who share our values. We embrace digital processes, which allow us to minimise waste.

“We put sustainability at the core of everything we do. We believe sustainability is defined by the same elements that are found in all great work—quality, care, delicate craft and timelessness.” – Jennifer Clair

Our Fabrics

The promise of quality, relies on where we source materials and how they’re produced.

At Jennifer Clair we source our materials from eco-conscious manufacturers. They produce high quality, ethical textiles, without compromise. Our main fabric supplier, Jakob Schlaepfer, is a pioneer of sustainable textiles.

Award winning sustainability

In a recent sustainability initiative, an exquisite vintage fabric selection, inspired our collection. The fabrics belong to one of the oldest italian silkweaving manufacturers, Taroni. Taroni’s fabrics won the award for ‘Sustainable Producer’ in 2017. The company is the first and only textile manufacturer, to have received the Oscar of Fashion.

Zero waste, digital workflow

To minimise our carbon footprint, the house has embraced modern technology wherever possible. Our design team uses 3D design software, to simulate the garment making process. We use virtual pattern and garment visualisation, to refine silhouettes. Our digital process means we can fit to the client, without travel.

The adoption of software in our workflow, means zero waste.

Begin your dress journey with Jennifer Clair

Couture is an art; beautiful details, immaculate craftsmanship and a story conveyed. Jennifer Clair offer high quality, eco-conscious materials and exclusive embroideries, to create bespoke pieces of art to treasure for a lifetime.

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